End of Summer?

Life…….happened. Love………happened. Music………..happened. Faith……….happening. Determination…………YES!

It’s been a Major summer of “ups” and “downs” both personally and within the Music Community. We lost some dear friends and welcomed some new ones into our lives. Between Cedar Walton, Mulgrew Miller, George Duke, and Steve Berrios leaving this earth in the physical matter it is fact that alot of Music left town with them, but through their spirit and fellow friends and musicians their Music will always live on. MAN is that Jam Session on the other side getting pretty Hip! This summer alone I visited France, Sweden, Finland, and Canada and it’s been a blast working with Ravi Coltrane, a new member of the BigHammer’s Crew. I have also been blessed to began a new chapter in my relationship with Louis Hayes. I officially joined his CANNONBALL LEGACY Band a couple months ago and we have a serious tour and a live record date coming up this fall( details to come ). I have also lead some great gigs. Just finished working with Ralph Peterson Jr and Orrin Evans as a part of The Love and Power Trio, which headlined this year’s SATO Jazz on The Vineyard fundraiser on Aug 18. As well I lead an AWESOME gig at The Iridium with Louis Hayes, Ravi Coltrane, and David “DBlaque” Bryant. Be on the lookout for The BigHammer this fall. The notes will be swinging to say the least!